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Fire Fighters and Volunteers require our help

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What can we do to help fire fighters and volunteers?
Volunteers, SES, fire fighters and many trade’s people are spending time and resources, and putting their own lives on the line to help others save their properties and belongings as well as saving wildlife. 

We can help in different areas by sewing ‘things,’ like bags to help bats and possums recover from their burns, or by giving what gold coins we can spare, but I think I would personally like to help the volunteer and permanent fire fighters, SES and volunteers, by making them ‘Cooling Neck Ties’.

I would like to try to help them feel a bit cooler under such very difficult and trying circumstances.
These can be used when Fire fighters come out of the high fire risk areas to rest up and cool down.
Some have been fighting these fires since September 2019.
I would like to help in some small way.

Come and join the call.
Sew n Design has been holding some work shop events at Camp Hill.
Please give me a call if you would like to join in as we have limited places.

Sew n Design shall be asking businesses for small donations.
We will require help with 100% Cotton fabrics, Zip lock bags and Water storage crystals (white crystals only, not mixed with fertiliser).
If you can help please let us know

Cool The Firey's 3
Cool The Firey's 4
Cool The Firey's 5
Cool The Firey's 6

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