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Cool Tie Update

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Our first 513 cool neck ties are ready for Rob, our contact within the Rural Fire Department to collect. 

They will be collected this week and sent out all over Australia. 

Thank you to our neighbours son who bagged and packed 90% of them during his school holiday.

20200110 220716
Neighbours son helping with the bagging and packing while on his school holidays.
20200110 195945
Ties packed and ready for pickup or delivery.
20200114 112022
Work studio producing cool ties for volunteers of the Australian bush fires

Many hands make light work.
We have had 14 people help in different ways.
Donating Water Crystals
(white crystals with no fertiliser mixed in)
Donating Fabrics. (Every 1 metre makes 5 ties).
Donating Zip lock bags.  (Woolworths Cannon Hill)
Donating their time to help where ever they could.
(Even bringing in their ironing board and iron to help if they can not sew). 

A big thank you to you all.  I could not have done it without your help.   


Acknowledgement for those who gave us some of the required supplies.
Some I don’t know where they arrived from, they just arrived at my door.

1000 zip lock bags Woolworths Cannon Hill.

Crystals from many people; Lacey, Dianne, Jodie, Deb, and anonymous others. 

100 metre roll of fabric from TradWay – wow thank you. (Trads Liquidation Store Yatala)
Thanks also to Caroline Z for picking the fabric up for me.

Fabric stashes from cupboards (all burnt tested to check content) or 100% Cotton purchased from stores;
Thank you  Robbie, Mel,  Caroline G, Toni, Mae, Kylie (@designingthreads), Trish, as well as
Kyley from Bennetts & Jackson Hairdressing for 3 rolls and over 90 metres from Gwenda (me of course).

Time taken to help wherever, sewing, turning, ironing, filling, bagging, packing ;
Sheldean, Mae, Kylie, Cate, Toni, Wendy, Harrison, Jeng-guo, Helen, Michelle, Caroline G, Dianne, Deb, Lacey, and any names I have missed, Thank you xx

We will have an ongoing supply sent to Rob over the year, so if you have any stash of cotton fabrics, we would appreciate them.

Many many people will be needed to rebuild the roads, towns, businesses, farms and orchards over 2020.

20200106 221158
22 Layers of Fabric cut with an electric hexagonal cutter - makes light work of the lay. @Sew n Design
20200110 153825
Some of the completed ties, bagged and ready for packing, others waiting to bag.
20200110 183223
Sewn ties, turned and ready for pressing flat before making channels and filling.
Collar Turner 2a
Using the collar turner, a great tool for large jobs.

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