Uniforms and Costumes

We cater to a variety of uniform and costume requirements - from replica uniforms requiring authenticity certification, to "cosplay" costumes and anything in-between. We understand that various uniforms and costumes have very specific requirements and will work with you to ensure that the finished product looks good, fits you and meets all your requirements.

The general process of creating a uniform or costume is to first come up with the requirements for the garment - what you (the client) requires, and what works best for the type of garment you require and the material being used.
Once the specifications have been worked out, we will make a custom pattern from scratch or edit an existing pattern (depending on your requirements) and a toile (sample) will be made to ensure the correct fit and look.
Finally, the actual garment will be assembled. The pattern will be provided with the finished garment for your future use.


We have previously provided uniforms and costumes for the 501st Legion, and various other groups.



Are you a member of the 501st Legion?

We have hand-made custom patterns ready to be assembled for various costumes and costume-parts, and are able to help you with custom designs for many soft/fabric parts of your costumes!
All of our uniforms are tailored and made to a high standard, items such as the Imperial Officer uniforms are made to look crisp and professional, as real military dress uniforms would.

Please note, our services only provide the soft/fabric part of the uniforms. It is up to you to assemble everything else.

Our available patterns include: