TAFE Fashion teaching an inspiration

Gwenda was a great teacher and helped me throughout the 14 months of being here. It helped completely decide that I still want to pursue a career in fashion designing. It was a great experience to partake in and I learnt so much that I wouldn’t of from my highschool textiles class. It made me realise that I was glad my highschool cut textiles. I learnt all aspects of fashion designing that I didn’t know before. It taught me OHS, spec sheets, sewing, pattern making, altering a pattern and how to design a simple garment. For some this course was the end of their fashion career, but for me, this was just the beginning. I’m glad Gwenda taught me throughout these 14 months. It was an amazing experience. I wouldn’t change anything within this course. Thanks Gwenda.

Gwenda was an amazing teacher.
This course has given us so many opportunities for our futures, even gaming basic life skills with sewing and altering fabrics/clothing. We will miss Gwenda so so so much. She was a great, kind, caring lady who did a LOT to help us with work and getting things in on time.
Gwenda was the best teacher we have EVER had at school and everything.
Best woman we knew.
We love you Gwenda, miss you already.

I loved this course and the people who I did it with. Gwenda was an amazing teacher, she always explained things well.
The course was over 14 months which was good, as we learnt lots and got to know everyone well.

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