Your garments should look professionally handmade, not homemade!

Sew n Design places a lot of emphasis on achieving a professional finish and great fit as everyone has a unique body shape. Ensuring that all garments and patterns are adjusted to fit and compliment the wearers body helps provide comfort and confidence.

Cost Estimates

Commitment Free

Suggestions on the best approach

Advice, tips and resources
per 30 minutes

Advice on all aspects of fashion

Fashion templates and information

Tips of the trade

Made to measure
From $85

Prices vary from amount of work and difficulty

Samples made in calico for perfect fit

Commonly used when creating formal wear

Alteration and Repairs
 and garment fitting
From $20

Price varies from amount of work and difficulty

Average turnaround is 2-7 days

All alterations available

and other stretch fabrics
From $85

Price varies from amount of work and difficulty

From Designer Swimwear Samples to Dresses, T- Shirts and Stage Costumes

and pattern alteration
From $30

Price varies from amount of work and difficulty

Alteration or resizing of patterns

Creation of new patterns from specifications

and Computer Aided Design
From $60
per hour

Price varies from amount of work and difficulty

Concepts, designs and plans

Fashion and digital media

Please note: All prices subject to change based on requested work requirements. An estimate or quote is required for all work to ensure that we can offer you the best price for the best work, please contact us to arrange an estimate or quote. Quotes can only be provided during a consultation.

Other Services

Custom Samples and Production Runs

Small production runs and custom samples for companies and individuals.

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Uniforms and Costumes

Professional uniforms, reenactment and historical uniforms, custom costumes and more

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Medical and Special Needs

Medical, hospital, and anti-bacterial accessories, surgical supports, special needs custom clothing and more

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