16A Hobart Ave

Camp Hill, QLD, 4152

+61 41 4499 568

(07) 3901 7989

Tues - Sat

Appointments Required

We also offer lessons and tutoring!

Alterations, Repairs & Fittings

$ 10 Starting from...
  • Fixing zips, seams, tears and more
  • Altering hems, busts and more
  • Professional size charts and measurements

Couture & Pattern making

$ 80 Per Hour
  • Patterns created or altered to specifications
  • Toiles (samples) made to ensure fit
  • Garments made to fit your needs

Style CAD & Digital Services

$ 90 Per Hour
  • Professional CAD designs and drawings
  • Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop
  • Finished files provided to you

All prices subject to change based on individual requirements. Quotes and options to reduce costs will be provided during the initial consultation.
Extra fees may apply for out-of-hours or urgent/rushed jobs.

We are capable of handling many different fashion and design requirements, including:

Style CAD and Digital Editing Services

Digitising of patterns and creation of digital productions are able to be completed on small to moderate scales as required.

We have the ability to digitise physical patterns as well as make digital patterns via the use of StyleCAD software. We can also offer some Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw editing services.

We also offer digital plotter/printing services for patterns.

For more information on the StyleCAD process, please see this post.

Uniforms and Costumes

Professional uniforms and hobbyist costumes are amongst our portfolio of work. We are generally able to make the “soft” (fabric) parts of costumes, as well as design patterns off images, videos and other media of characters.

Amongst our previous work includes various costumes for groups such as the 501st Legion and Mandalorian Mercs.

Samples and Production runs

We are able to cater for garment sample creation and smaller production runs.

Full technical paperwork and specifications are preferred for samples or production runs.
Technical advice is available on a consultation basis.

Please feel free to call to discuss your requirements.

Medical and Special Needs

We are able to design and make many different things for medical purposes and people with special needs.

Hospital and medical Anti-bacterial accessories, surgical supports, covers, uniforms and more are amongst the range of things we can make.

We also are able to create custom-designed clothing for people with disabilities, allowing for things such as non-standard skeletal structures, stoma bags, and more

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