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Style CAD Information for Clients

Gwenda has had 35+ years’ experience using CAD programs, and 15+ years working on the Style CAD system.

She has been completing work for a number of labels throughout Queensland and New South Wales.

Most of her work is completed remotely.  Either having DXF files sent to her via email, or clients will post their paper or card patterns so she can Digitise the patterns into Style CAD, tidy them up (checking levels and measurements etc) before grading and completing a lay plan or printing them out with the wide format plotter in Cardboard or paper for you to use in-house.

Once the styles are completed, She then exports the files back to you in your preferred format – DXF, PLT, STY (Style CAD v8 to v11) or Gerber, for off-shore use.


Dependent upon your own version of the following programs, the DXF files can be opened in Adobe or Corel Draw.

JKT Work Required

Information required.

Please include your business name and contact details when we receive a file or patterns as we will invoice you 1 (one) hour to start the process.  
You will then be invoiced for the final amount (minus the 1 hour) before sending the files or patterns out to you.
Gwenda will also require all the information regarding SEAM ALLOWANCES (if any) as well as MEASUREMENTS eg; bust, waist, hip, hem and sleeve widths etc as well as lengths of the body (client) sizes so she can adjust the patterns to those measurements then work the appropriate grade rules supplied.  

Digitising a jacket
Patterns ready to digitise into the computer
Digitiser Tool (Puck)
Digitising uses a computer board and 'puck'


For the general public who use shop bought styles for your own personal use.

Gwenda can adjust the pattern to suit your measurements then, print out a new paper pattern for you to use again and again.

Some clients who have patterns modified for themselves using an original shop bought pattern, may be a size 95cm bust, 65cm waist and 110cm hip, have extra short torsos, or require extra length etc.
Gwenda adjusts the pattern to those measurements supplied.

Many vintage patterns do not fit the athletic shaped requirements for this era in measurements



*Charges depend on the time it takes.

If any files have been compromised with importing, or if the patterns being digitised in are old and weary.

Everything usually requires  tidying up a bit before grading starts.

Hourly charges are located under the services page of our web site. 

Costings *estimates only.

It takes time to import a pattern, either saved from another program, or to digitise in a style of patterns.

These usually require tidying up, checking and matching all seams to be accurate for construction for the base pattern, minus the seams. These patterns will now be ready for grading.

We then grade the different  patterns, in each style.

Following that we add the seam allowances back on as a finished style or garment.

A line skirt may take 40 minutes.      A full body swimsuit may take 70min.      A pair of basic long pants 85min.      A long dress pants with panels approximately 90min.     A formal gown with bustier can be up to 240min and a patch work garment with 60 pieces and shapes, up to 360min etc.

It all depends upon your style of garment and the design lines within it.

A simple pattern to tidy up and grade, approx 40 min
Asymetrical Swimmer
Swimmer with twists and design shaped lines


*Widths and gsm (weight) for consumables, depend on the supply chain availability, therefore out of our control.

Sew n Design prints using a wide format plotter (116w x 70gm and 111w x 160gsm) *up to 160 wide.
We are able to PRINT or PLOT paper and CUT cardboard PATTERNS (saving time with manual labour)
Charged by the time taken.
We also print on paper for pattern testing of styles and graded sizes, or light storage for small businesses.
It always pays to test your patterns in paper first before having them printed in card, as this is less expensive and more sustainable if the patterns require adjustments before approval of  your final product or production run.

Pop Out Cut Patterns Sew N Design
Popping out the cut patterns


Gwenda is able to produce lay plans to the required width of fabric, style and total amount of garments in your range.  (examples shown in images below)

However with the shortages of consumable supplies in regards to paper, I am unable to print out any marker in full width for now, as my paper is only 116 (workable area) of  120cm wide roll.

Boys Shirt LAY Plan
2 way lay marker 5 sizes 20% waste of fabric
Bias cut, 2 way lay marker (3 sizes) high % of waste fabric


Gwenda is able to produce markers, although Sew n Design takes no responsibility.

You can have high, mid or low % wastage for fabrics.

1 or 2 way fabric, the nap of certain fabrics and bias cut can cause problems.

Lay methods required eg: your buffer amount / scattered / by size / or colour?
How many fabrics are required? eg self / contrast / lining / fusing / stretch / bias /  fabric direction / pattern matching. 
The table length for the lay or cut to cut out upon. How many layers can be cut at once?  And the questions go on …..

The print screen width of fabric may be narrower than the full width of fabric roll.

And many many other extra small details that may not have been included or supplied correctly that can cause many issues.

All markers are the responsibility of the owner to check before laying and cutting, as all fashion companies work differently.

See what else we have to say...


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