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I have been busy digitizing all of my block and apparel patterns into Style CAD 11.
(Updated version from 10.5 at the beginning of 2019) 

Preparation for me to design for clients using the Style CAD system. 

This allows patterns to be saved as a electronic copy to be sent out for production purposes if required.

Digitiser Tool (Puck)

The digitizer board has been borrowed for this huge job.

We network and share expensive equipment between a couple of us.

Students doing work experience lately have also been helping with digitizing.

Digitising a jacket

See what else we have to say...

Drape Neck Finish S

Sampling Processes

The Sampling Process. What exactly is the process to get a garment made, when you require samples to be pattern made and

Eddie Howell 719573 Unsplash

Scheduled Bookings

We have quite a few lessons booked over the next few months with designers developing ranges for their individual fashion launches. There

Washing Machines

Fabric Care

These care instructions are only a basic guide. Variations will apply to some fabrics, especially with all the new blends of fabrics that

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