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The fun of fashion revolution week

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It’s fashion revolution week!

From the 23rd until the 29th of April, we pay our respects to the worst accident in history for the garment manufacturing industry – The Rana Plaza collapse in Dhaka, Bangladesh which killed 1,134 people and injured more than 2,000. Investigations into this incident brought to light the working conditions that thousands of garment factory workers had to deal with in order to meet the clothing demands of the western world.

What the fashion revolution aims to do is increase public awareness of clothing origins and manufacturers, working conditions in factories, and the environmental impact that your clothing may have including resources used.
Examples; how much water is used or how much dye goes into our rivers and oceans.

Nobody really thinks about who made the clothes we wear; was it manufactured in a country where people have the ability to earn a basic living wage with decent work hours, or was it made where people get no wage, just food and a place to live for their effort. Or did a young child work on your clothes?

Another way you can make people aware is to turn your garment inside out, while wearing it. This shows your tag or label, and where it was made.
Get the conversations going on the future of new fashions.

You can have fun while becoming aware of what goes into a garment, and you can also be sustainable helping the global environmental foot print.
You can do a few small things that will make a difference, eg; purchase clothing from the op-shops, redesign and remake, or you can get sewing lessons and take pride in something you make, or redesign for yourself.
It can be so much fun to look outside the box and develop your own individual style of clothing.

To read more about the fashion revolution, please visit: https://www.fashionrevolution.org/oceania/australia/

The garment I am wearing in the image, I made.
My sister bought the cotton fabric (ANZAC poppy poem print) for me when she was travelling overseas. It is a one off and I enjoy wearing it and respect the meaning of the print each time that I do wear it.
A great way to remember.
I will be wearing it on Wednesday 25th for ANZAC day here in Brisbane too.



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