Fabric Sales

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The New Year usually has quite a few shop sales, and this includes Fabric shops as well.  

Check out the patterns, pick up a bargain and be prepared for summer and winter of 2019.

Lessons will help you with personal fittings, freshen up your sewing skills and maybe teach you a few little tricks to help the construction flow smoothly.
If you are new to sewing and patterns, we can help you and teach you the right way to start any project without to many hassles happening along the way.

Remember to purchase fabrics for the next season, so always think ahead. ie:
Construct Summer garments at the start of Winter and Winter garments at the start of Summer, this allows you time to complete fittings and sewing construction without rushing and making mistakes.
Buy quality fabrics (in the sales) and you will have longevity and unique outfits that look good.

Be sustainable and utilise what fabric stash you have access too

See what else we have to say...

Washing Machines

Fabric Care

These care instructions are only a basic guide. Variations will apply to some fabrics, especially with all the new blends of fabrics that

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Welcome to the new site!

Hi all! Welcome to the new-look Sew n Design website! We have attempted to make this site look cleaner, work faster, and

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Gift Certificates

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