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Sewing Pattern – Re-Cycling

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Sew n Design is recycling sewing patterns, fabrics, haberdashery and excess stock left over from production processes.

* To help the environment with less waste.
* Stop extra printing of paper, when that has already been done
* Help some start ups with cheaper products.
* Clear up some room – or de-stash excess products

Some of the patterns may have been made for some fashion shows I participated in.

Some patterns are made for costuming purposes, or samples made.
Some patterns may have not suited to the fabric used, therefore modified for another fabric.

Some client’s may have not paid for the work requested and completed, or clients do not wish to keep the patterns for future projects, only wanting their one off – these particular patterns would not be sold for a few years after the clients occasion etc

FBook Page Industrail Patterns For Sale

The Face group page for sale of patterns and excess stock is; 

INDUSTRIAL SEWING PATTERNS FOR SALE – by Sew n Design   – link below

This group is also noted on Sew n Design’s main Face Book page.                 

Sale of original paper Patterns.
These are sold first for $5 – as is – NOT changed in any way. 
I don’t want to throw the paper, or cardboard patterns out.  
I would rather someone use them, so I am selling these to cover my paper/card supplies, printing and ink costs.
This will be the original paper pattern sold AS IS.

NO POST INCLUDED – PICK UP or you can sort the postage out, (folding paper & posting in a large envelope maybe).
Obviously for privacy reasons, some details will have been removed from the patterns eg; names and phone numbers (Blacked/crossed out.) 

20220105 091144
Example of a basic paper pattern
20220105 091207
Semi fitted Cap sleeve Dress - Woven fabric


With the appropriate charges applied to extra time taken,  further patterns can be purchased in different sizes (graded).
Patterns can be purchased for printing as A0 – or size for tiled printing at home on A3 / A4 / A1 etc as an emailed attachment.

As shown in this image, these can be graded in many different sizes for all Adults, Babies, Toddlers or Children’s patterns.

Please allow me time as I will also have the normal days work to complete.

SnD LD220001 Sz 10 12
Style CAD image of Basic cap sleeve semi fitted dress - graded sizes

Whether you purchase patterns from a pattern maker or purchase a shop bought pattern, these should ALL be sampled in a fabric similar to what you want your final product to fit and look like.

Sampling (‘Toile’) is considered one of the most important steps in producing any apparel.

* These images are not related to each other. 
Constructed dress was pattern made by Gwenda. 
Pattern image is from Vogue magazine are showing some domestic pattern styles.

20220109 084600
Image taken from a Vogue domestic pattern book
Evening dress with 3 layers in the skirt. Fully boned corset bodice with fine straps.

Sew n Design has the ability to print in paper for you, ready for you to collect, or post out.   (Post sorted by client & extra costs included per metre of paper)

We can also print patterns out in cardboard if required,    (once again – Post sorted by client & extra costs included per metre of cardboard)

Paper & Cardboard Plotter

All patterns sold are developed by Gwenda, from Sew n Design, using manual or Style CAD development.

All patterns are (c) by Sew n Design with approval to use as required.
NO patterns come with sewing instructions.
NOT all patterns will have a lay plan.

Remember these patterns are industrial based patterns – not domestic based patterns.

We assume you already have an above average sewing skills set.
Otherwise you will need to attend sewing lessons or, make Google and You Tube your friends, researching lots of different sewing applications.

   –  –  –  –  –  –                        

(Note) *All patterns and sizes MUST be printed, sampled and fit checked for correct grading and/or sizing and approved by the designer or owner prior to ANY production. 
This is to confirm that the grade rules, computer program, pattern including grades and or printing are all suitable for your clientele requirements and fit before production omitting future issues further along the production processes.

Sew n Design© takes no responsibility for incorrect measurements from samples given, computer glitches, human errors or reprint issues from this date forward.  (2017)

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