Spring is in the air

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Spring is in the air

  New fabrics and patterns are popping up in stores as the cold winter months disappear.

Are you ready?

Do you want to learn how to make your very own garment for summer?

Consider booking a lesson with us to learn anything from the basics to more advanced construction by learning industry-standard processes, tips and tricks.

You can book a lesson with Gwenda online at

It is also the best time to purchase winter fabrics on sale and prepare your garments or stunning jackets for next winter.


See what else we have to say...

Drape Neck Finish S

Sampling Processes

The Sampling Process. What exactly is the process to get a garment made, when you require samples to be pattern made and

Eddie Howell 719573 Unsplash

Scheduled Lessons

Once again we have a few full days booked up with designers developing ranges for their individual fashion launches. At the moment,

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