Sampling Processes

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The Sampling Process.

What exactly is the process to get a garment made, when you require samples to be pattern made and constructed ready for production?

The first thirty minute consultation appointment at Sew n Design, is to determine the apparel you want to be constructed, if there will be any issues with it that we may see, what machines are required, along with determining where or if we can help you, or what direction to send you for the correct process.
Bring along with you any sketches or images that you have, any samples of the apparel you would like made and any fabric swatches you have of what you want to use.

Some client’s will already have part of the following started or prepared, don’t worry if you don’t know the processes at all as we can help you with this to get started or on the right track.

Everyone will have individual templates or methods, no one is right or wrong.

Prepare a technical drawing for clarification of apparel design lines, fabrics and embellishments; this may be done by either parties or just the client.

Client will start on a production development management form (PDM); also completed by pattern maker or sample machinist as required.
We will supply a template if required.

Sample fabrics are required to be supplied by the client.
Client may use our wholesaler accounts if needed,  these are to be paid in full and ordered by client at time of purchasing – no exceptions.
Wholesaler usually sends fabrics directly to Sew n Design.

Technical Drawing Rouche Neck Dress
Tech Drawing DR01
Spec Sheets
Pattern Design Analysis 2016

Pattern making process usually starts first.  
(Remember we always have a lot of work in queue; this may not start for a few weeks.) 
Depending on your style and design lines, the time for pattern making can take anywhere between 1 hour to 2+ days.

Bodice Pattern Lay Out S
Drape Neck Finish S

We pattern sample  and constructed out of fabric supplied by client or with basic woven fabric in stock.

The client check’s the sample on a person as mannequins are not suitable for the end product in regards to movement or use for quality control.

If required we adjust patterns and remake the sample.
If the client does not like the result of what they wanted to achieve, we modify the pattern or start from the beginning.

Always update the product management portfolio/specification/technical sheets ready for production.


Digitise the finished patterns in to the computer (StyleCAD) to be saved on usb as an electronic file that you may send to a factory for production.

Digitiser Tool (Puck)

Hope this helps with some of the processes that may be required for your apparel to be ready for production.


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