Sewing and Pattern Making Lessons

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We have had quite a few extra busy weeks doing lessons with a range of diverse garments, applications and individuals.
Besides the basic lessons for clients who wish to make and complete garments for themselves, we have had a few that stand out from the norm;

Jonathon (Piec’s Clothing) has arrived back in Australia from travelling abroad, he was one of the students I taught at an institute on the Gold Coast in 2012 before it closed. 
Jonathon is developing a stylish leather jacket for young adults to add to his cool fashion range.

Jonathon Piec's Clothing
Jonathon and Gwenda at Sew n Design

CC is in her 70’s, and has sewn for many many years, making clothing for herself and her children when they were young, she now makes clothing for her grandchildren. CC is having one of her dreams come true, making a delicate lace garment for a special occasion. We have been working slowly step by step making sure each process is correct so CC has a professional couture garment she will be very proud of.  Sampling, fitting and finalising takes time to ensure all is correct, especially using speciality fabrics.
It is never to late to learn new and inspiring things and have your dream garment made in delicate or tricky fabrics.

CC Lesson Day
CC Creations, enjoying a morning tea break at Sew n Design

Kate is in the early stages of developing a range of clothing for a new and exciting label, these will be so comfortable to wear, I am looking forward to the final apparel, I feel these will sell quickly as they will be smart and comfortable.
A staple in anyone’s closet.

Kate is learning to grade her patterns, completing pattern making lessons at Sew n Design

Kate Pattern make & grading lessons
Kate learning how to grade her patterns at Sew n Design

And we have Jacquie who is developing a style of garment for the Natural Fibre Competition this year in Brisbane. I so want to see the final garment with all the hand embellishments completed last.  She is also completing an outfit for her to wear to the competition out of fabrics she has saved for a special occasion. We have adapted patterns to fit the body, so she will also have individual blocks to develop future outfits for herself.
Images later ….

It is enjoyable to pass on my knowledge to others who wish to expand theirs, or those who wish to get local support for any area of the fashion processes.
I will put up some more of the images taken along the way with these clients, but obviously some cannot be shown until after the release of their events or produce.
The images may be placed on my Instagram feed which is the website gallery, or on the Facebook feed which is under the news heading.


Winter is such a lovely time for Pattern making and sewing lessons, what would you like to learn?

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