Work Experience Students

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Four students from two different institutes have been doing work experience with me over their term break. 

Each learning different aspects within the fashion industry. 
They have been networking and collaborating well, supporting each other doing different tasks, including the use of cutting equipment.  

These two are digitising in some of my patterns

Students Digitising


This is another two students laying an cutting uniforms to be produced.
This is called ‘Marker Making’

Once they had completed a lay and cut they then swapped with the other students to do digitising.

Students Making A Marker


Marker Making at Sew n Design

Students worked in teams of two.
Here they all are cutting shapes on scrap fabric to get a feel of the cutters.

Two students stood as OH&S watchers while the other two had a turn cutting curves and straight lines using the equipment.

Most preferred the rotary blade over the electric cutter, but that can take a bit to get use too.

Students Testing Cutters 1


Using different equipment

See what else we have to say...

Washing Machines

Fabric Care

These care instructions are only a basic guide. Variations will apply to some fabrics, especially with all the new blends of fabrics that

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